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"I sprung for a coaching call to help me fine tune my fitness plan and to get some extra help figuring out some stuff about my slow/weird metabolism, and it was seriously one of the best investments I've made in myself in a while. So. If you've been on the fence about whether you want to spring for some personalized one on one phone time with our fearless leader, I am here to tell you that it's totally worth it. 12/10 would spend an hour on the phone with Sarah again!"

-Ileana R.

Coaching Call Packages

The pain and frustration of working through pelvic floor struggles is NOT something you should endure alone.
Even when we have a great physical therapist, sometimes we need additional support and coaching for navigating the mindset and movement for our everyday lives!

Too many women are battling shame and embarrassment and feel reluctant to invest time in conquering their pelvic health struggles, hoping they will resolve on their own, they just carry on caring for their loves ones, trying to ignore their own pain.

I’m here to help!
I’ve been there, except that when I was there, there wasn’t anyone to get on a call with!

When we chat I will listen to what you are dealing with and make recommendations for simple, effective physical and mental strategies to help you move forward, conquer your symptoms and feel confident in your body again!

“Sarah Smith is so informative, knowledgeable and so down to earth and kind! I loved speaking with her, and after just 30 min felt so empowered to take my health back into my own hands! Thank you so much! “

-Michelle W.

“I contacted Sarah and she listened to me without making me feel embarrassed. I was able to be open and honest with her and that was such a relief! She researched the specific strain of bacteria for my issue and recommended a probiotic that matched, helped me find a pelvic floor pt in my area, and gave me practical advice put me back on the right track.  I am feeling much better and am so grateful for her help!”


During our call I will coach you and help you troubleshoot the following:

  • leaking during exercise

  • pelvic organ prolapse

  • pelvic pain and pressure

  • chronic constipation

  • exercise after a prolapse of pelvic floor dysfunction diagnosis

  • repeated symptoms of yeast and bacterial infections

  • chronic low back and tailbone pain

  • pelvic floor engagement or relaxation

  • movement and exercise technique

  • and more….!!

Don’t wait, book your call today!

Call packages are $249 and include one initial 60 minute call PLUS two 30 minute follow-up calls.

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What are people saying about working with Sarah:

“Sarah!! My menstrual cup fit better this month 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 I swear it’s because I’ve been breathing with my diaphragm.  I’ve been struggling for the past week with major neck pain so this is great timing! I’m using your program to work through it and I’m pumped!!”

-Laura P.

“I seriously think you helped so much. Changing my breathing technique I realized that I really was in that fight or flight pattern and never noticed it. I think that paired with counseling made all the difference. I’m still amazed at the shift that happened. So again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!”

-Nicole A.

“Thank you for the last 12 weeks.  I was picking up a 25 pound kettlebell and surprised by the ease. I would not be this far or investing in pelvic floor help.  And I love the resets!!!


-Beth, TC

“I have a new appreciation for the importance of focusing on breath. I used to skip this part of my work out, but as noted above, Sarah's explanations helped me to understand the connection between the diaphragm/breath and my core muscle strength and positioning and how all of this relates to strategies to alleviate my back and SI joint pain.”

-Julie F.

“Thank you so much!  Everything you sent I read through and got my husband to read it too!   I ordered the probiotics you recommended and I look forward to trying them. “


“It was especially helpful to be told to give myself permission to just skip things that aren't as beneficial for my body as other moves. This is very hard for me to do for myself as an athlete and Sarah just makes it so simple. It's okay to not do everything, who knew!”


Video chats include a 30 or 60 minute call and TWO follow up email exchanges


I can’t wait to chat with you!!!