Frustration, defeat, lack of results, and perfectionism...oh my!

Do you feel like you're doing everything right and still not seeing any changes in your physique?

Or maybe you're afraid to even try to get active or change how you eat because your past experiences with fitness and nutrition have been disappointing or painfully restrictive?

Is the pressure to be perfect when it comes to your fitness schedule and eating style just too much to add to your already full plate???

Don't give up!

Take a new and fresh look at what you've done in the past and what your body and lifestyle are calling for today!

To help you with this process I've created a downloadable guide containing 8 aspects of health and wellness for you to tweak!

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"Just did 4 rounds of the Bodyweight workout. It kicked my butt and felt amazing!"
-Caroline, SAHM of 3 youngins

"I love that I know have workouts that I can easily do in own home AND easily take with me when I have to travel."
-Heather, administrative assistant

"'s efficient, convenient for a busy lifestyle, and you can take it anywhere! Perfect for a holiday weekend on the go... "
-Katie, Photographer and busy mom of 3

Sarah Smith