Questions, question, questions!!!

This week I'm asking questions here and on my Instagram feed to help you think about your wellness goals and how to best attain them!
The questions that I am asking are designed to help you determine the following:
Who are you? What do you want? and Where are you starting from?
Grab a journal, notepad, or the notepad on your phone and take some notes on your answers. Ready? Here we go!

Day 1
What 3 things do you want most from your body?
A. The ability to move freely and be active B. To learn a new skill or sport-pickup dancing, rock climbing, biking, etc... C. Physique change-(e.g. more muscles, slimmer legs, toned arms) D. Accomplishment (e.g. run a 5 k, marathon, triathalon, Tough Mudder, etc. E. Fat-loss/weight loss F. Ability to physically keep up with others (pets (dogs, horses, farm animals), kids, partners or friends) G. To feel good H. To feel strong I. other-elaborate on this in your journal!


Day 2

What fitness and nutrition (diet) programs have you tried in past? What aspects of them worked for you? Did you see results? Did you feel good?
If you eventually quit the programs, why did you?
Were they too difficult to maintain? Did they make you unhappy? Were they stressful? Were they unrealistic? Did something come up (sickness, lifestyle restriction, busier schedule, injury) to prevent you from continuing?
In your journal, make two columns and label them "What worked" and "What did not work"
Sort your thoughts about past programs into these two categories to get a better sense of what you ARE looking for in a wellness program and what you ARE NOT!


Day 3

Which of the following fitness approaches appeals to you most?
Plan A- concentrated exercise periods where you work out very hard for short periods of time
Plan B- consistent low-intensity activity throughout your day, walking, biking, climbing stairs, yard/farm work, etc.
Give it a think!


Day 4

What do you need MOST to be consistent with exercise? Select your top 3 answers

1. A class or group- community that supports and encourages you
2. Accountability-someone that makes you show up for your goals
3. Instruction-you don’t know what to do or where to start
4. Convenience-fitness that you can do at home
5. Simplicity-uncomplicated
6. Variety-to keep you from getting bored
7. Help working around an injury or chronic pain
8. Quick results
9. Feeling good
10. Fun and enjoyment


Day 5

When it comes to nutrition, what are your primary goals for your relationship with food?

Do you want to eat differently than you do currently? If so then why?

Do you want to change how you eat in order to change your body, but otherwise life your style of eating?

Are you frustrated with diets that you've tried in the past?

Does your digestive system seems to be working correctly or do you struggle with stomach aches,  acid reflux, irregularity, intestinal cramping?

Regarding a nutrition program, would you prefer to be told exactly what to eat or do you want to learn skills for eating nourishing, satisfying, and physique-friendly foods?

Would you prefer to eat strict during the week with wiggle room on the weekends, OR do you want to eat well all of the time with little treats or indulgences built into each day?

Do you struggle with emotional eating?

Do you feel like you need to change your diet ASAP or do you just want to tweak it a bit?


Day 6


1. What are your non-negotiables? What food items do you feel like you absolutely couldn't go without? Coffee? Wine? Chocolate? Cheese? Something sweet after dinner? Your weekend bagel? Make a list and be honest about what you really aren't ready to give up, and also note what things you would be willing to scale back or go without for a period of time.


2. When it comes to meals, do you eat out mostly? Get take away? Do you like to cook or do you prefer to buy ready-made? If you enjoy cooking, then do you require diversity and some complexity in your meals, or are you content to make the same 5 meals every week?


3. Do you have daily activities that help to relieve stress?


4. Do you have a specific weight-loss goal, a number that you are trying to reach?


5. Could you be happy forgetting about weight if you felt good in your body and happy with your physique?


6. Do you experience different cravings depending on where you are in your cycle?


7. What are 3 ways in which you practice self-care daily? Weekly?




Ok! Take some time to really think about your answers and thoughts about these questions. Write down your answers in your journal or notepad. If you look back at your previous answers to the other questions, you will see that you are creating the framework for your very own individualized wellness program!


More on that soon!

Sarah Smith