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Mindful Monday: Getting Intentional about Rest and Saying "No"

Every moment of the day doesn't have to be about heavy-lifting (metaphorically speaking) and getting things done.
If it is, then we burn out. 
We need that down time, because it keeps us balanced and connected to our lives. 
It prevents burnout and ultimately allows us to produce more at a higher quality and be happier, more present people.

So we talked about how to incorporates some structure into her rest time....basically how she could get REAL intentional about rest and leisure.

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This is what happens when we reject the pressure to be perfect

" I actually made a great change, I decided that diet soda is a non negotiable for me. 
So bad for you, but I love it.  I use to drink it all day, constantly.  Over the years it has decreased and now I have stopped drinking it Mon-Thurs and have one diet soda, Fri-Sun.....That is huge for me!

-Dana, Cultivate for Life 2016 client who has lost 60 lbs in the past year!!!!!!

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It's back to school time for ALL OF US!

Some people, programs, magazines...they might lead you to believe that they can tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to lose those fat stores, change up your eating habits, increase your wellness.
And they may very well have something to teach you, but to make effective and sustainable progress, you have to be discerning.
You can take their advice, apply it, and learn what works for you and what doesn't.

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