Welcome to the Persistence Over Perfection,
aka #pop challenge!

I'm your coach, Sarah Smith!

I am a personal trainer, Level 2 Russian Kettlebell Instructor, certified postnatal fitness specialist, pelvic floor and gut health advocate and mom of three kiddos!

I know how difficult it is to prioritize routine daily movement and weekly training when your life is FULL and getting to a gym is near impossible!!!! Boy do I know it.

But you know what, it wasn’t until I embraced the restrictions and limitations of my current lifestyle that I FINALLY found a way to get consistent in my self-care and movement practice.

In a nutshell I told my self that I wasn’t going to be “perfect”, but I was going to be persistent!

  • I found spaces in my day to get in pieces of a workout or at least a few movements here and there.

  • I kept my workouts short and sweet.

  • I accepted, even embraced interruptions.

  • I focused on QUALITY EFFICIENT programming in order to make the most out of my time.

    And you know what?
    I got better results than I had EVERY gotten in my life while spending 1/3 of the time training, often with kids and life interrupting my workout time!

    You see, you don’t have to spend hours and hours working out to “boost” your metabolism and “burn” calories, what you need is efficient workouts that meet you where you are TODAY, help you to build strength and balance hormones to get the physique changes you want WITHOUT leaving you burnt out and exhausted.

    With just one kettlebell and, a resistance band, 20 minute workouts several days a week and a can-do attitude, you can change not JUST your fitness and physique, but your entire mindset around exercise!

When we have time-efficient fat-loss generating workouts AND ditch the perfectionist mindset that most of us have (and don't even know it!), then we can all learn to be consistent with our fitness and self care practices for the long haul. 

That's how we cultivate a lifestyle that builds confidence, energizes us, makes us feel proud in our bodies AND gets us lasting results. 

Watch my video here to be officially welcomed to the #popchallenge2019

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Persistence Over Perfection Challenge Content Downloads

Workouts-Click the links below to download a PDF of the workout. Each PDF contains a link to the workout video as well. Watch the video to acquaint yourself with the workout. All of our workouts are done using Metabolic Effect's signature Rest Based Training (RBT).
To learn about RBT, please click the link and watch the brief video below. 

All about ***Rest-Based Training (RBT) VIDEO


We will be observing the following schedule for the next 7 days

Sunday Walk Or Reset 20-30 minutes
Monday Workout 1
Tuesday Workout 2
Wednesday Rest/walk
Thursday Workout 3
Friday Workout 1
Saturday Rest/Walk
Sunday Walk 20-30 minutes


Before working out, please complete a 5 minute warm up to get your body temperature up, warm your muscles and ready your body for some hard core movement.


Warm up
POP Challenge Workout 1
POP Challenge Workout 2
POP Challenge Workout 3
Bonus POP Challenge Workout 4 (Advanced Conditioning and Sprint Workout)
Cool down


Persistence Over Perfection Mindset Downloads

During our time together, we will discuss content focused on how we can learn to be persistent in pursuing our goals!!!
All of these topics start with either a "P" or a "T" thus I have dubbed them,
The "P's" and "T's" of Persistence Over Perfection.

Click the link below to download.
The P's and T's of Persistence Over Perfection Download 1

The P's and T's of POP Download 2

The P's and T's of POP Download 3

The P's and T's of POP Download 4

The P's and T's of POP Download 5