What are people saying about working with Sarah?

“After struggling to manage back and SI joint pain for over a year while weight training, I went (verrrry) out of my way to make an in person appointment with Sarah. I live in DC and took a detour to Raleigh while on a college visit with my son. It was worth every extra mile to meet with Sarah in her home studio. She was prepared for my session and she packed a ton of assessment, feedback and personalized training advice into two hours. I left with a better understanding of my body and how it moves and with a concrete plan for getting back to strength training without pain. Whether my son ends up at college in NC or not, I'll be planning more trips to Raleigh to meet with Sarah!”


“I loved that. I am 9 years postpartum (yikes), and the more I learn about postpartum recovery, the more I realize I did it halfway at best. I don't have pressure or incontinence issues; mine are more around core strength, alignment, and poor movement patterns, so I haven't experienced changes in pain/symptoms.”

-Workshop participant

“Thank you for the last 12 weeks.  I was picking up a 25 pound kettlebell and surprised by the ease. I would not 

be this far or investing in whole via pelvic floor help.  And I love the resets!!!



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"I’ve been traveling the last 4 days and have lugged my suitcase up and down countless flights of stairs (once while running to catch a train), and have been hoisting it up and down from overhead bins. Thanks to strength training with Sarah, I’ve felt so strong and capable 💪🏽💪🏽 Looking forward to getting back home in a few days and training with more heavy things!"

-Gigi V.

"Sarah's workshop taught me that, even with hip issues and arthritis, I can enjoy and benefit from both when the instructors are willing to adapt to different needs, which they did.
The instruction was in small groups with individualized attention.  With every move/position, each participant received immediate, positive, encouraging feedback." 

-Lynn H.

"Thank you Sarah Smith for your words of encouragement and wisdom this morning.

As I was washing my hands at work today I noticed the aging skin on my arms, it’s still a surprise once in awhile to see myself change as I age.

I didn’t feel badly about myself... just strange because I feel young most of the time.

Then I began to think about my time with my granddaughter this weekend and how I am able to sit on the floor with her and play and get up from the floor while holding her in my arms and I am so grateful for the POP challenge, C4L and KB4CK, grateful that movement is part of my life and these workouts are here for all of us when we have time and when our lives are full and busy and we return to them.

I’m grateful for this community of women that encourage and celebrate each other 💗. "


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"Sarah is knowledgable and down to Earth. She's super easy to talk to...even though we talked about personal things (like my pelvic floor's performance...ha!). Would highly recommend her to anyone in Raleigh, NC area and beyond (I'm in Milwaukee, WI and distance learning!)"

-Natalie L.




"Sarah understands where I am in life as a woman and mom and is able to teach me new ways to make this journey more feasible with tricks and nutrition that make sense for a busy mom on the go. I have told friends that sarah is worth talking too even if they don’t think they “need” her because of her wealth of knowledge and her approach to health and fitness encompasses the whole body, not just workouts. She treats food as fuel and helps you understand the different ways it can help heal and fuel your body in a different way not just for substance. 
Sarah gave me so much information and I am still going back to the notes to improve and remind myself of things that she told me so I can continue this journey with confidence."

-Caroline M.

" For my birthday I decided to invest in myself and seek the help of fitness trainer and I’m so happy I joined Sarah’s program. She has shared TONS of great advice regarding fat loss and importance of gut health, nutrition and food allergies, reducing stress, and boosting self love with a positive body image. One of the best pieces of advice for me was to add leisure walking to my program. 

What I love about Sarah is her researched based approach to fitness, that she is a knowledge seeker and teacher, that she doesn't subscribe to diet fads, and that she is genuinely interested in your success! I know it’s not just about the weight, but I’m 12# lighter, have more energy and feel better. Thanks Sarah!!" 



"What I loved about the call with Sarah is she really looked at me holistically. We discussed everything. We spoke about the crisis I was going through personally and how that could affect not only my weight-loss but also my long term health and ways that I can mentally and emotionally work to gain control. 

For one week I made the small tweaks Sarah suggested in my diet and that week I had a 5 pound weight loss. Following her advice woke my body up. My plateau was over, my energy levels were through the roof and I was feeling more on track than I had in a long time. I was back in business!"

-Anne E.


"I’m so grateful to Sarah for teaching me over the past year that taking care of myself doesn't have to be a huge time commitment, doesn't involve self-deprivation or doing things I don't want to do. I actually really enjoy working out now and think strength training is pretty fun! I'm eating more often than I ever did but have the tools to make better food choices and enjoy treating myself when I feel like it. Guilt-free ice cream is amazing!"

-Robin C. 



"Sarah communicates a powerful message that we are all unique and we can celebrate and build each other up. Sarah is wealth of knowledge about movement and nutrition. 
Her coaching has helped me in so many ways to achieve my goals, I work out more consistently now than ever. 
I have learned that a “pushing/punishment” mindset actually works against achieving my goals and I've gained strength in all areas of my body.  
As a coach, she has offered consistent input to educate me about nutrition and it’s role in my overall health.
I would recommend Sarah to any woman who would like to learn to create a healthy approach/mindset lifestyle. I  highly recommend her, she’s simply the best!”

-Jill M.

"I sprung for a coaching call to help me fine tune my fitness plan and to get some extra help figuring out some stuff about my slow/weird metabolism, and it was seriously one of the best investments I've made in myself in a while. So. If you've been on the fence about whether you want to spring for some personalized one on one phone time with our fearless leader, I am here to tell you that it's totally worth it. 12/10 would spend an hour on the phone with Sarah again!"

-Ileana R.