Work with me!!!

“Sarah listened to me and worked with my individual goals and limitations. Her combined expertise in physiology, understanding of how aging impacts training, and attitude that there is a way to work around physical challenges and keep building strength was refreshing.

….Other trainers I've worked with have been more "one size fits all" or had a more limited understanding of movement and haven't been as adept at adjusting form to accommodate my particular issues.

They have also reinforced bad habits by not being nuanced enough in their explanations and cues. I really appreciated the scientific explanations of body mechanics and movement that Sarah provided. “

-Julie F.

8 week online fitness coaching and training programs in three unique areas:

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  • RKC/SFG certification prep

  • Kettlebell proficiency

  • Strength training with pelvic health struggles or prolapse

$425 for 8 weeks

What you get!

  1. Customized fitness program made for you, your current skill level, goals mobility, stability, and strength

  2. Three to four strength, metabolic conditioning, bodyweight and interval-based programmed workouts per week

  3. Guided warm-up and Original Strength resets to improve your stability, strength, mobility, alignment and neural control

  4. Video tutorials of all the movements

  5. Weekly customized feedback and drills based on your goals and fitness progression

  6. Two 15 minute coaching calls for skill work

  7. Accountability and support of via weekly check-ins

  8. Weekly video form review. You submit videos every week and I review and use to program next weeks workouts ensure that you are completing movements safely, efficiently and effectively!

Apply to train with me below:

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In person sessions

  • Email to inquire about available slots


Semi-Private In Person WorkshopS!

I routinely offer in-person workshops on the following:

  • Getting started with kettlebells

  • Specific kettlebell skills, e.g.kettlebell swing or Turkish get-up clinic

  • Pelvic Health

  • Training after prolapse

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"I leave my sessions with you knowing and feeling like I have been encouraged and pushed beyond my normal limits.  It's the best I've felt in a very long time. Thank you. "

Liz F.

"I’m so grateful to Sarah for teaching me over the past year that taking care of myself doesn't have to be a huge time commitment, doesn't involve self-deprivation or doing things I don't want to do. I actually really enjoy working out now and think strength training is pretty fun! I'm eating more often than I ever did but have the tools to make better food choices and enjoy treating myself when I feel like it. Guilt-free ice cream is amazing!"

Robin C.

"I sprung for a coaching call to help me fine tune my fitness plan and to get some extra help figuring out some stuff about my slow/weird metabolism, and it was seriously one of the best investments I've made in myself in a while. So. If you've been on the fence about whether you want to spring for some personalized one on one phone time with our fearless leader, I am here to tell you that it's totally worth it. 12/10 would spend an hour on the phone with Sarah again!"

-Ileana R.




























What are people Saying about Working with Sarah?

“I seriously think you helped so much. Changing my breathing technique I realized that I really was in that fight or flight pattern and never noticed it. I think that paired with counseling made all the difference. I’m still amazed at the shift that happened. So again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!”

-Nicole A.

“Thank you for the last 12 weeks.  I was picking up a 25 pound kettlebell and surprised by the ease. I would not be this far or investing in pelvic floor help.  And I love the resets!!!


-Beth, TC

“I have a new appreciation for the importance of focusing on breath. I used to skip this part of my work out, but as noted above, Sarah's explanations helped me to understand the connection between the diaphragm/breath and my core muscle strength and positioning and how all of this relates to strategies to alleviate my back and SI joint pain.”

-Julie F.

“Thank you so much!  Everything you sent I read through and got my husband to read it too!   I ordered the probiotics you recommended and I look forward to trying them. “


“It was especially helpful to be told to give myself permission to just skip things that aren't as beneficial for my body as other moves. This is very hard for me to do for myself as an athlete and Sarah just makes it so simple. It's okay to not do everything, who knew!”