Don't get caught up in the idea that exercise HAS to look a certain way.

If you are working out today, hope you have a great sweat sesh! 
Remember to work hard and rest when you need to. 

When you feel like you couldn't possibly do another rep, try to squeeze in one more, then rest. 
Safely pushing yourself to your limits will make you that much stronger next time!

If you worked out yesterday, don't forget to take a nice calm and relaxing walk today! 
This will help your body to recover faster and will also reduce cravings!
If walking is not possible, then try some other stress-relieving activities!
Here are a few ideas:

Water therapy-shower, bath, hot-tub, slow-paced swimming
Non-stressful Crafts (knitting, crocheting, pottery)
Soothing music
Restorative yoga

Whether you are managing to get in 1, 2 or 3 workouts a week don't stress about the quantity, but focus on quality and consistency. 

If you're getting in 1 workout a week, stick with it.
That still counts and can easily be grown into 2 per week come January. 
Don't get caught up in the idea that exercise HAS to look a certain way. 
If some days the only way you can get in your workout is to do one round, and then grab the laundry, do another round, feed the kids, do another round, and get some work done....this is still better than waiting for that day when you can have a perfect block of uninterrupted time. 


I promise you that if you can make 1 workout happen a week, then you will be able to grow that to 2...and then 3 eventually and in a way that truly works with your life!
But getting in 3 perfect workouts this week only to give up exercise altogether for the next 6 months, that doesn't change your life.

It took me giving myself permission to be imperfect about exercise to finally become consistent with it and find enjoyment in it. 

There is no perfect. 

If you remain focused, commit to a new mindset and consistently make steps (even baby ones!!) towards your target, you will get somewhere that you never thought was actually possible.

I speak from experience!