Postpartum mamas

Quick little post about something I feel like we need to talk about.

My first baby boy, almost 6 years ago.

My first baby boy, almost 6 years ago.

To all you mamas out there that still have babies in tow, science keeps finding that it takes us a full year to recover from growing and birthing a baby

Our bodies are amazing, they are so amazing that we were able to accommodate the growth and development of another human being.

That 6 week "ok" you received from your doctor or midwife to begin exercising does not mean that you're back to "normal".
In fact, your body will never be the same again after you've had a baby.

Ok where am I going with this....

I'm not trying to scare, discourage, or make excuses but I do want to make a few important points.

Mama's you have a special job. You grew a human and you have the physical and emotional battle scars to show for it.
Should you be active?
Is it ok to exercise and work to gradually melt away that baby weight/reclaim your body?
Of course!

But be gentle. Push when you can and rest when you can't!
If you're doing one of Cultivate's workouts and the weights feel like too much sometimes, switch to bodyweight exercises instead.
Pay attention to your form. You're body and spine might be shaped slightly differently now.
Your muscles and ligaments are still loose from elastin and stretching to make room for baby.
We have to rebuild our strength and our core's integrity.
We have to support our lower backs and strengthen our cores by pulling our belly buttons to sternum.

We need to listen to our body and respect it's limits in this moment.

Be proud every day you make fitness happen.
Being fit and getting strong can help us feel empowered, like we have our bodies back, but have reverence for the amazing feat that you've accomplished.
While cultivating the skills of being fit and healthfull while sharing your life with your children, take time to cherish those moments with your babes.

And most of all, reach out to others for support and encouragement when you need it.
We mamas have to stick together!

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