The quick and dirty guide to changing your physique and burning fat.

The quick and dirty guide to changing your physique and burning fat.



1. Eat real food (mostly). Consuming whole foods make it the easiest to be aware of what you are eating. Don't cut out treats completely, but let your favorite sweets, junk food and alcohol be "treats" and your veggies, lean protein and fiber-rich carbs be staples in your diet.

2. Heal your gut-intestinal permeability will cause a whole host of fat-loss challenges from hormonal imbalance, to hypothyroidism, to blood sugar regulation issues and uncontrollable cravings.


3. Move often-I'm not talking exercise, but leisure walks, parking further away at the grocery store, taking walk breaks at work, 10K-15K steps a day will balance your metabolism, help to crush cravings AND improve sleep!

4. Sleep. Get 8-9 hours a night, you might have to cut down on late night screen time for this one.


5. Strength train (lift heavy things 2-3 days a week for about 20-30 min). Train with sprints or sprint-like activities (intervals on the bike, rower, stairs, basically compact fast paced bursts of movement, rest and do it again twice a week 15-20- min. 

And lastly, fat loss and physique change TAKES TIME and CONSISTENCY. 
You don't have to be perfect, but you have to keep going even when you have a "slip-up", because there are no "slip-ups", there's just life. 
You can't stop every time you're a little bit human. 
Remember what you want MOST and not just want you want NOW and keep moving!

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