Personal mission statements are the jam and also a little more nautical in nature than I had realized...

Creating your own Personal Mission Statement (PMS) is a great way to put the breaks on comparison and get our bearings. 

By identifying our core values and letting them inform our goals and how we pursue them, we can stop getting off track and following every trend or every path that we see others taking.

Becoming embroiled in working on our own "stuff" in a way that truly works with our lifestyles, personality and the life restrictions, etc.,we are less likely to compare ourselves to others. 

When you see a friend or colleague or family member doing some super cool thing to better themselves, you'll admire it, but not suddenly think,

"Should I be doing that too?" or

"I need to be more like them. "

Because you're already working on your stuff!!!

People around you might be pursing goals that appeal to you, but with your own personal mission statement, it will become easier for you to recognize when their goal or the path that they are taking to that goal does not align with who you are and know  that their journey not right for you.

It's a motivating and empowering experience to just sit down, look at our lives and think,

"What am I all about and what do I want to be about?"

and then to take that response and use it to fashion a map to follow, or maybe a rudder that guides us in the correct direction?


Just today I was starting to feel overwhelmed by all of the things that I felt "I should be doing" to better myself personally and diversify my skills as a coach. 
My head was literally spinning thinking about all of the many paths that I could take and opportunities I could take advantage of. 

I caught myself feeling anxious about what to do and remembered that I just had to sit down and think about whether any of these new opportunities aligned with my core values, with my PMS. 

At that moment my PMS felt like rudder that guided in the right direction or anchor that grounded me in this mentally flighty and directionless moment. 

I'm getting real nautical today for some reason.....

It felt good to have this credo, basically, to look to to remember who I am and then to determine where I need to go next. 

In it, I found relief and answers and most importantly some calm. 

I have a better sense now of what path is right for me and which is not. 


This week, I'm sending out a hand little guide to creating your own Personal Mission Statement. 
To grad your copy, sign up below and look forward to some introspection and action. 


Sarah Smith