Curb those Kegels and crunches!

The Kegel and the crunch have LONG been the two of the most popular exercises for female’s on a quest to build strength.

The Kegel is guaranteed to give you a pelvic floor that protects you from leaks, improves your sex life  and keeps your organs in place.

The crunch has been a gold standard for reducing belly fat and building that sickpack-donning core for literally decades now.

Well here’s the thing BOTH Kegels and crunches can CAUSE problems for your core and pelvic floor for THREE key reasons:

These exercises are:

        • over-utilized

        • often done incorrectly

        • not appropriate for everyone all of the time

The truth of the matter is that EVEN when we do these movements CORRECTLY, they STILL are not the answer to sustainable, strong cores and pelvic floors.

So what IS the answer?

I’m glad you asked!!!

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Sarah Smith