3. Breaking out of the exercise box to become bold, balanced and "drty" with Sarah Scozzaro

Today on Dirty Strength™ Radio, Sarah talks movement diversity, nature and becoming comfortable in your own skin and body with Ultra Runner, running coach and Restorative Exercise Specialist, Sarah Scozarro.
Sarah Scozarro is an accomplished certified personal trainer and coach.
She’s trained under Katy Bowman , has consulted for an NFL team and coaches clients from all over the world to do amazing things!

Sarah LOVES running, the outdoors, and running in the outdoors.
She can literally run for 50+ miles at a time, up mountains amidst bear, moose, mushrooms and more.
Today Sarah Scozarro shares her own struggles with injury and how her experience and education has fostered a greater understanding of the body's needs be it with new biomechanics or beneficial exposure to nature.
Sarah Scozarro is a guest that you don't want to miss!

For more from Sarah Scozarro, head to @drtyrunner on Instagram, or on Facebook AND at her website, drtyrunner.com. 

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