Trader Joe's Trip: On shopping solo and grabbing some of my favorite items!

So I went to TJ's last night after I finished a kettlebell workout at Raleigh Kettlebell Co. .

Food-shopping post exercise, is probably not the best idea, but this mama was short on food so I had to grab some items.

Of course, Trader Joe's is the Target of food.
Went in for 5 items, left with 50.

I visit TJ's about once a month or every other month.
Grab my favorite items for my cupboards and freezer and work my way through them.

Last night was a particularly glorious trip because I was ALONE!!!
I forgot just how peaceful it was to shop with out 1-3 kids.

I took my time, read ingredients...browsed and chatted with the cashier.
It was glorious.

Everyone at my Trader Joe's is SOOOO friendly.
AND they treat you like royalty.
They always try and help me out to my car.
One other time when I was alone, a sweet veteran mom cashier gave me complimentary flowers!
I had commented on how much I was enjoying my time shopping in peace and she wanted to make my trip even more special.
Isn't that remarkable!

I called her manager and sang her praises.

Anyways...back to shopping.

It's a great place for healthy snacks, and semi-niche items for a good price.

I'm sharing my haul here, because...well people ask me what I buy, so here it is.


  1. Pre-made roast or grilled chicken breasts-great for salads, romaine wraps, or an easy item to warm up with some veggies and sweet potatoes or rice for dinner.
  2. Coconut water-TJ's is less expensive. I use it in protein shakes.
  3. Applegate organic uncured hotdogs-because the boys love to roast hotdogs and these are one of the best versions.
  4. Avocado's Number guacamole-this item falls soemwhere between a "staple" and a "treat" for me. If I spread it on a wrap or chicken, then it's a staple, if I sit and eat it with chips or crackers, treat-status.
  5. Roasted seaweed snack-chip alternative, super yummy. Seaweed is wicked good for ya!
  6. Plantain chips-another snack for me and the boys. I LURV these.
  7. Temptation trek mix-individually wrapped nuts/raisin/chocolate mix. Perfect to throw in my purse for a snack on the go.
  8. Pico de gallo-perfect topper for eggs in the morning!
  9. Savory edamame crackers-because crackers.
  10. Columbus salami secchi- weekend treat. A few slices with a glass of red or white goes a long way!!! Especially with a good raw cheese.
  11. Sugar snap peas-in hummus or plain.
  12. Chili lime and Grass-fed angus burgers-in the freezer for an easy meal. I cook on the stove top with some onions, pair with veggies or salad. Totally satisfying and real easy.
  13. Smoked salmon-another amazing snack. It's sad that wild salmon is so pricey while the farmed stuff is affordable, yet barely contains any nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids. Notice how the farmed salmon is dyed pink! Anyways, I try to buy the good stuff and stretch it with other foods....or I will buy one package of the good stuff and one of the farmed, eat them together so that we get nutrition from the real stuff, but also have the cheapy version to satisfy our need for volume.
  14. Organic whole chicken-these range from $12-$14. I can usually get 1.5-2 meals out of roasting one whole and then I use the bone and left over meat for bone broth.
  15. Coconut milk-free of gut-irritating ingredients.
  16. Organic romaine hearts-because SALADS!!! I love salad. It's all about what you put in them and I make a mean salad!
  17. Apple rings-great snack for me or the kids!
  18. Unsweetened almond milk-the kids' cereal and protein shakes. Their list of additives isn't that bad in the grand scheme of things...
  19. Prosecco, $4.99 (not pictured) because sometimes you just need to sit and enjoy a nice bubbly glass of wine after a long day.
  20. MY FAVORITE!!! Dried pineapple chunks! Pineapple is great to eat when you are fighting a flu or a cold!


This is not a comprehensive list of all the items I get at TJ's, just what I grabbed yesterday.

Also, this list is very snack-heavy because that's mostly what I buy at TJ's.

Staples like produce, veggies, eggs, protein, these are things that I get at the regular grocery store or through a CSA.

I like having healthy options in my cupboards, but that's not to say that we snack on these foods every day.
This haul will last about a month or so because we chip away at it slowly and supplement it with lots of other foods.

What are some of your favorite items at TJ's???!!!
Share in the comments below!