Do you leak when you lift? Are you afraid you're making your prolapse worse? Here's a simple strategy!

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Hey there!

I LOVE teaching women how to lift heavy things, but I ESPECIALLY love teaching them to LEVERAGE their breath and power to accomplish any physically challenging task.

You see, your breathing cycle is more than just about getting oxygen into your lungs (to oxygenate your tissues) and getting carbon dioxide (expired air) out, it’s part of your body’s natural ability to MANAGE PRESSURE.

Do you struggle to manage pressure?
Here are some clues that you might:

  • You leak when you exercise (sneeze, cough or laugh too)

  • You see bulging or doming in your core when you exert yourself

  • You hold your breath and brace to feel strong when lifting something

  • You feel pressure in your vagina after a long day or exercise session

  • You have chronic low back pain and feel loose in your core

While learning to manage pressure is a concept that is covered IN DEPTH in my upcoming course, Connect Your Core and Pelvic Floor, today I am showing you some breathing cues to help you perform deadlifts AND kettlebell swings withOUT bearing down on your organs to brace yourself and feel strong in movement.

Check it!

Training with kettlebells can either help OR harm your core and pelvic floor. It all comes down to how you manage pressure and move your body. Check out this video on how to breath during the deadlift AND kettlebell swing!

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