Is this Thanksgiving your one chance to enjoy #allthefoods because on Friday you go back on plan?

This week I'll be talking about our mindsets around food to help you navigate the holiday season in a guilt-free manner!


Today I'd like to talk about the abundance mindset vs. the scarcity mindset, particularly as they relate to food.


You see a scarcity mindset tells us, "You better hurry up and get yours NOW because otherwise you're going to miss out. There's not enough to go around. "

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How many of you have been at a party or holiday event and either seen (or brought) a food item that YOU REALLY wanted to eat and then were sort of plagued by anxiety about getting your share of that food?


Sometimes this can happen with multiples foods OR if we've been dieting and restricting ourselves to foods that we don't enjoy, our scarcity mindset can manifest in an even different way.

It can look more like, "This is my one chance to enjoy all the foods that I want because tomorrow I go back 'on plan'."


However you might experience it, that feeling of "I have to capitalize on this opportunity to eat" is routed in a scarcity mindset.


Now maybe it's just old habits that haven't died since you've given up "dieting" or maybe you are still struggling to be satisfied with your daily nutrition practice.


Whatever your feelings about food and dieting and your routine nutrition plan, adopting an abundance mindset can help!


Because an abundance mindset prevents us from feeling frozen or anxious or impulsive around food.

It reminds us that there's PLENTY of food and opportunities to eat food.


You don't have to limit your eating enjoyment to today.

Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday, yes, but it's also just a Thursday.

The biscuits, the stuffing, the desserts, the can eat it tomorrow too, and the next day, if you want to.


"But you don't understand, my aunt only makes this dish once a year!"


Ok, but COULD you get the recipe and give yourself the freedom to eat that dish any other day of the year?



Don't feel like you have to cram all of your eating into one day and then make up for it tomorrow.


Food is food. Eating it is not a moral choice.


You MIGHT indulge quite a bit on Thursday, you might not.

It's not the food that you eat this week that will affect your goals so much as it is your mindset around the food.


If you allow Thursday to be the start of or to perpetuate a vicious cycle of indulging and then restricting, that's going to be WAY more harmful than if you eat 5 biscuits.


Choose to remember that you're an adult.

You have a car, you have resources, you can buy or make any treats that you want.


There's no diet.

There's no right and wrong.

There's just food.


Some foods make us feel good in the moment AND after the fact, some don't.


You get decide which ones have a place on your plate this Thursday and EVERY DAY!


Dealing with guilt, anxiety or stress about your diet and figure this week? 
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