When you're terrible at things

Like EVERYONE else, I want to practice the things that I’m good at. 

I want to stick to what I know and where i’m comfortable. 

But what I’ve learned is that there’s NOTHING quite like the feeling of being terrible at something, continuing to practice at it AND SEEING improvement. 


The sense of pride and accomplishment is worth ALL the moments of failure and frustration.
Feeling unstoppable, like there’s nothing you couldn’t learn to do given the time and practice, gives way to freedom and empowerment. 

There’s lots of mental, emotional and physical things that I am NOT good at and pistols are just one example, but I’ll tell you what. 

The first time I tried a pistol it was LAUGHABLE and I fell on my ass. 
IN FACT, I fell LOADS of times before I even came close to doing something that remotely resembled a pistol. 

But I knew from experience that if I just kept practicing, I would get better and eventually I will own these. Actually, I will own WEIGHTED versions of these. Because there’s nothing that can stop me, but me!
**PS-I have no physical contraindications for pistols. 

And you will own whatever it is that you want to achieve, but you’ll have to fail on the way there. You’ll have to practice. You’ll have to keep it up and even when you see no change or improvement and then one day, YOU’LL GET IT!

Cultivate for life is my tagline for my business, because once we learn that life is about cultivating skills indefinitely and always learning and never being a finished product, then we understand that failure and frustration and discomfort is all part of it. But it’s good because it means we’re growing!

BUT the only way out is through! SO keep practicing, keep persisting, keep cultivating and watch how your life, body and mind grows.


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