Why Kettlebells For Cool Kids is UNLIKE other fitness programs for MOMMAS!

Hi Momma! 


I used to have this recoil response to “mom” fitness programs. 

They often felt lame and boring to me.

In attempt to make them “doable” and safe for ALL MOMS, I feel like the creators of these programs forget to intelligently CHALLENGE and EMPOWER us. 

And so I searched for something more suited to what I needed in my life when I was often tired, home-bound with kiddos, but still craving movement and the muscles that come from it.
No luck, which meant that I would have to CREATE a program!

What I learned in the past 6 years of juggling strength training with motherhood is that, there are no “safe” movements or programs, there’s only individualized and prudent strategies, that we learn from PRACTICE and being willing to TRY THINGS!

Meaning-you have to figure out what HOW to do a movement in a way that serves your body well where it is RIGHT NOW.

You also have to take your exercise program once day at at time, knowing that today might look different than next week or tomorrow, or next month and that doesn’t mean that you’re failing. 



The major health impacting variables mean that we have NO idea how we are going to feel or what is going to be appropriate for us each day. 

IF we mute the signals our body sends us to “take it easy” or devote some extra attention to the above-mentioned areas, over time we get into trouble with our thyroids, adrenals, guts, livers, etc…

So we HAVE to pay attention to our daily needs during this season of our life. 

THEN add in the unpredictable nature of kiddos and you can see why so many mom-friendly programs are SUPER gentle and chill. They don’t want to over-burden you. 


But I wanted the OPTION to push harder on days when I was up for it. 

I needed a modality that allowed me to feel STRONG, CONFIDENT….to crush some iron, EVEN IF JUST for 5 minute increments throughout my day or even if just for 5 minutes total!

And so my combined approach of kettlebell circuit and rest-based training was born. 

You will see in Kettlebells For Cool Kids that our workouts are mostly circuit based and we do several rounds of the circuits in 20 minutes or so. 

We can REST in between reps OR in between rounds for as LONG as we need to.

The circuits are SHORT and often only about 4-6 movements, but they can be INTENSE if you want them to be. 

It’s up to you to determine the weight of the bell that you use, the speed at which you work, and how often you rest.

And if all we accomplish one day is one or two rounds of the circuit, we can still feel like we accomplished something, not PART of a workout, but FULL circuits! 

You can ALSO use your Original Strength resets as OFTEN as you like to fill in the voids, help you recover from your movement and or get you some additional movement on days when you can’t formally “train”.

And what exactly IS rest-based training (RBT).
In a nutshell, it means that you rest when you need to! No pacing, no stressing about when you’re ALLOWED to rest. You rest when you need to and watch your strength grow because you have autonomy and the ability to challenge yourself WHEN appropriate FOR YOU!

If you did the POP CHALLENGE, then you know ALL ABOUT it, but just in case you didn’t-watch this video!

So how should you approach this program?

  1. Pay attention to how your body (pelvic floor and core, especially) responds to movement and breathing strategies and reach out to me when something doesn’t feel “right” or good enough. I give you TIPS, STRATEGIES and MODIFICATIONS for this!

  2. Show up as BEST you can as OFTEN as you can and you will accomplish amazing things, regardless of the interruptions and “imperfections”.
    Just start, use the resets and RBT to get it done.
    Done is better than perfect.
    Work with today and don’t worry about tomorrow or next week.

  3. Challenge yourself at the level you are at TODAY and know that with practice your strength and abilities will grow. You WILL conquer your kettlebells skills! You are a bad ass!

And once you join, don’t forget to connect with other busy mommas in the Facebook group!
You got this!!!


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Sarah Smith is on a mission to help women conquer their pelvic health struggles and build STRENGTH and SKILLS!
She is a strength coach, RKC2 Kettlebell Instructor, postnatal fitness specialist and pelvic floor and gut health advocate with a Masters in Soil and Agricultural Science.
Sarah works online and in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

She is a Believer, wife to her best friend, Jeremiah, a mom to three boys and one English Bulldog.
She loves soil, coffee and not folding laundry. 
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